Premier Floor Hockey League Rules

Adopted by Members at Meeting 09/03/14

Modified by Members at Meeting 09 /01/15

 Modified by Members at Meeting 12 /17/15

League philosophy is to keep the rules simple and the play fun.

  1. League will comprise of 4 teams comprised of 6 players per team.
  2. Play will consist of 2 periods lasting 25 minutes
  3. Clock will stop within the last 5 minutes for a penalty or ball out of play if the game is within 3 goals.
  4. Intermission will last 2 minutes
  5. 1 league paid referee will be present at all regular season games. 2 league paid referees will be present for all playoff games.
  6. Teams will play all regulation time with 3 players and a goalie unless a team is serving a major penalty.
  7. The team that wins the game will receive 2 points and the losing team will not receive any points.
  8. Games still tied after 50 minutes of play will go to a 3 minute overtime with 3 players per team plus a goalie. If game is still tied after 3 minutes, it will be a tie and each team will get 1 point. Only players on teams roster are eligible to play in overtime.
  9. Tie breakers at the end of the regular season will first be broken by head to head and then by +/- goal differential.
  10. Players have 5 seconds to put the ball in play after a goalie freezes it or a goal is scored. The player will start with the ball behind the goal line. If the player fails to put the ball in play within the 5 seconds, the opposing team may resume play and engage to take possession.
  11. After a goal is scored, the team scoring the goal must retreat to the half court line. Play will not start until the referee whistles for play to start again. 
  12. When a ball enters any corner or confined space on the floor, the first player to arrive at the ball has 3 seconds to put the ball in play. The referee will count the 3 seconds out loud so the player is aware of the time elapsed. If a player does not move the ball within the 3 seconds, a change of possession will occur. If a player intentionally sends the ball into the corner to gain extra time, the opposing team will be awarded possession of the ball. 
  13. A player may shoot in any fashion but shall not raise their stick above the knee on the backswing. Any stick that is raised above the knee while shooting will be considered an illegal shot and a change of possession will occur. 
  14. Players are expected to keep their stick below waist level at all times including when following through on a shot. This is a major safety issue and will result in a minor or major penalty as defined below.
  15. The game will start begin with a faceoff. The team trailing at the end of the first and second period will begin with possession of the ball. In the event of a tie after a period, a face-off will start the next period. 
  16. Each team will be allowed 1 thirty second timeout per game at a stoppage of play. Only the team captain may call a timeout. 

Rules for Game Play

The will be 2 different types of penalties that attempt to distinguish between an inadvertent penalty and penalty where bodily injury has or could have occurred:

Minor Penalties

A minor penalty, if called, will result in a change of possession. It will be called immediately if the team incurring the penalty has possession. If the opposing team has the ball. play will continue at the referee’s discretion. Minor penalties will include the following infractions:

  1. Hooking or holding another player’s stick.
  2. A high stick above the waist that does not make contact with another player.
  3. Interfering with a goalie who is in their crease and is prevented or limited while attempting to play the ball.
  4. On a goalie who covers the ball and stops play while not in their crease. A portion of the goalie’s body and equipment must be in the crease for the goalie to freeze the ball. At no point will a goalie be allowed to freeze the ball on the back of the net or behind the net.

Change of possession will also occur when a player sends the ball out of play or directs the ball with their hand to another player on their team.

Major penalty

A major penalty occurs when the following conditions are present:

  1. Physical contact as part of an aggressive act whether intentional or inadvertent. You are responsible to keep control of your body and movement to insure all players safety. The goalie will also be called for a major penalty for making contact with an opposing player who is outside the crease. Physical contact includes a push, a check, a leg trip or any other contact with another player.
  2. Having your stick strike/slash another player to any body part. Again, intentional or not, you are responsible to have control of your stick at all times. The most common complaint from players are taking sticks to their shins and lower legs and can be prevented by not swinging your stick towards an opposing player.
  3. Any and all abuse of club equipment including pounding on the ground, against the net, and the walls. The equipment is expensive.
  4. Slashing or striking down on an opponent’s stick. The risk of injury increases when forcefully slamming your stick against another player’s stick and damage to the sticks can get expensive.

If a player is called for a major penalty, their team will play shorthanded for the shorter of a 2 minute period or until the opposing team scores. Any verbal abuse of a referee with result in  a 5 minute penalty. During a 5 minute penalty, an unlimited number of goals can be scored. If a player receives a 5 minute major penalty in multiple games, they will be ejected from the game and face removal from the league. The league also reserves the right to remove a player from the league for continued rough or physical play. You will be given no refund of your league fee if you are suspended from playing in the league due to physical play or conduct. Remember, the goal of the league is to have good, clean fun and some entertaining hockey.

General Considerations for all Players

  1. Please arrive 10 minutes prior to game starting to setup the tables and nets and be ready to play by 6:30 and 7:45.
  2. Help put all the equipment away after the last game and make sure all garbage is properly disposed of. We want to leave the facility in a clean and undamaged state each night.
  3. When the game is over, shake hands and leave all disputes behind you.
  4. Only the Team Captain may review decisions by the referees with them. We ask that these discussions occur at intermission or after the game and be kept in a constructive and educational manner.
  5. Be kind and respectful to all members of the club and the staff at the The Sports and Fitness Edge. We have a great place to play and want to keep this opportunity for the long term.